Saturday, June 29, 2013

Etude House CC Cream in #1 Silky

as i've been promise to you all.. i finally review-ing my new (and first) CC Cream ever! and i had it from about a month and half now.. lol i just too lazy to write about this cc cream because my mood is being down for about 1 months :SS

Sooo after this long waiting :bb i finally writing this review!

CC Cream is an upgrade BB Cream.. somehow it has the same function as BB Cream but.. this one has a lot of formula in it.. i don't know CC is stand for what.. because in every brand like Etude, Face Shop and Tony Molly it has a different meaning... like in Etude it mean\s Correct and Care but i think in Face Shop has something like "Color" in that -___- ont sure..

As you know i am a big fans of Etude House!!! so i decided to buy the Etude House one hehehhehehehehhe
also this one is come with 2 optional of CC Cream ;)) that is #1 Silky and #2 Glow

Not a big fans of Krystal but well.. she is pretty hehehe
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Since it has 2 type of these CC Cream.. so lets see one by one!

#1 Silky
These one come with white-pearl like color on it tube... come in small tube with pump and it contains 8 in1 multi function:
1. Anti Aging
2. Stress Relief
3. Hydration
4. Whitening
5. Sun Protection
6. Smooth Texture
7. Luminosity
8. SPF 30/PA++

as said.. this cc cream has SPF 30 PA++ which is i think that was quite high,,, that was enough on our daily life (not in vacation, maybe you will need higher SPF.. and also if your country had summer then you defenitely need higher SPF) this Silky one is purpose for who had oily skin (This is the reason why i got this Silky one).. this one will give you a "Matte" finish.. and also this one has 3 efficacies : Whitening + Anti Wrinkle + Sun Protection,...

This CC Cream (Correct and Care Cream) multitasking 8-in-1 formula hydrates primes, conceals, treats, and protects skin at an easy single step for a healthier complexion, inside and outside. It glides on with a silky smooth finnish.

[Directions]: Apply liberaly and blend evenly with your fingerips for natural, sheer coverage. Use it alone or layered under you favorite foundation for more coverage.

[Caution]:1. Use only as directed.
               2. Avoid storing in high low temperatures and areas exposed to direct sunlight.
               3. Cease use it problems arise.

#2 Glow

This Glow one comes with pink-pearl like comes also in tube,, i dont know for sure about the glow one because i had only purchase the silky one so i cant give you a full review for this glow one.. but what i know for sure is.. this one is not suitable for who had an oily skin like me ... because this one will give you a 'glowy" finish and i just hate it most.. because my face itself always been oily and i had to put face paper like 2-3 times every 2 hours.. i just hate my oily skin.. and also cvery sensitive oh dear -__-

i think this one has similar ingredients with the silky one.. it also had SPF 30 PA++ ... and... well i just know this much hehehehe i think you can search on google about  the review on Glow one.. if you had dry skin and need this Glow one.. ah and also people recomend me the Glow one.. she said the Glow one is amaing! but i dont follow her because i know i had an extreamly oily skin hehehe but if you had dry skin you can give this Glow one a try..

Oke lest start with the real review!

Since i always read a lot of review on this CC Cream so i decided to give this one a try.. and also i've been searching for "Matte" finish foundation like for a year (lol ok im lying) .. so after read a lot of good review i decided to buy this one..

i've been said before this tube come in pearl-white color.. and the size is small >.< but i think this is suitable for our traveling make up bag ... and if usually Etude House always makes their product become cute and girly and cute and pink and too much pink (okey i keep repeating words >.<) but this timee Etude House makes this CC Cream so elegant and classy it looks expensive >.< (well maybe this expensive one is true) hmmm talking about price.. i was buying this quite long ago so im not sure if Etude House Indonesia already launching this CC Cream or not... since they just launching the "Sweet Recipe" line recently so i dont sure.. but i bhought this online and it just cost... around Rp. 160.000,- i think? not sure im kinda forget it but yeah aound that price.. so it still affordable...

It comes with a white cream.. oke i admit i suprised with the color.. i was thinking if this was supposed to be white or not.. since BB cream comes with brown cream.. but it really comes with a white cream! 
and this CC Cream is blowing me away hehhehee it amazing! i will tell you why but at first i will list a few question  you "maybe" wandering about.... so lets get started!

Does this CC Cream breaks you out?
Okey.. first if you had read my other post about skin care. i always tell you that my skin is oily and very sensitive type.. im not kidding like.. i cant use any product which supermarket sold .. like seriously.. i had to go to doctor to get my face shop.. but then my friends recomended me one product called "Acne" facial foam.. and that was the only product that suits me! yeah i waste a lot of money.. -___-
soooo i had a very sensitive skin and the good new isss...... tara! this CC Cream NEVER breaks my skin out... not even redness in my cheeks (i hate that most!)

Since this CC Cream promise you "Correct and Care" in its name, does it really gives you any "Correct and Care" effect?
Well.. i had to admit it i dont feel any different in my skin after i use this CC Cream.. but after 1-2 weeks i slightly feels the different after i use this CC Cream.. after i washed off my face i realized that my skin becomes more soft and my redness on my cheeks is slightly gone... which is BB Cream never does! huehehehehhehe so yeah.. i think this CC Cream is kinda promising ;))

Is this CC Cream really gives you that "Matte" finish?
Hmm... after applying this .. i found out that this one really gives you that matte finish which i love it very damn much!! its really like i've using any mineral powder or something.. and this is why i love this cc cream the most :))

Is this help in reduce your oily skin?
hmm i must said.. this one is not helping much but yeah... better than BB Cream :))

What about the coverage level?
hmm if im not in my period.. and that damn pimples doesnt comes out this CC Cream really had a light coverage which gives you very natural look... and if you had a lot of damn pimples (like i do now) it doesnt helps AT ALL.. i had to wear my concealer and my BB Cream for more coverage :(( and i just use the BB Cream and the concealer first then i apply the CC Cream hehe since i want to have that "Matte" finish..

Does this CC Cream hard to blend?
i think this is the highligh question hehehehe you must be curious about this level to blend out..
this not hard but its not easy too.. yah same same lol...
and since it has a white color so you must be wondering about what the color turning into.. is it still in the white color or whta? well the answer is.. it will adjust with your original skin color! and it must be like wow right? haha yes.. i found it amazingly too.. but it really adjust to your skin tone..
i had a picture when i blend this CC Cream.. also i compare the CC with the BB..

Left : CC Cream 
Right: BB Cream

Without Flash

you can see the different between CC and BB..
yes the CC is look more white..

With Flash.

actually it does look whiter than the bb cream.. yeah it took a little more time to adjust in your skin ;)) than the BB Cream.. but later if you wait for a little more minute then it will change into your skin tone..
thats why maybe even in the bos.. it recomned you t blend in with your finger.. since it will be adjust faster than i you use your brush....

But what i didnt like about this CC Cream is.. i cant use it much because it will be hard for its to adjust into my skin tone and end up in white in some spots T__T but if you blend it well i think it will be no problem..

soo guys.. i satisfied with this CC Cream and i just. love it.. i use this with my BB Cream if i need more coverage..

So thank you for reacing this review and also my blog reach 10.000 viewers since i started to blogging in March.. thank you very much and i didnt expect this at all at first so thank you! i will keep blogging and keep fixing my mistake especially in my typos :bbb im sorry i always type wrong since i awlays typing in hurry (i dont know why) lol but yeah,,, so once again thank you very much all! lovee youuuuuu :*****

Note From Me: If you need more coverage, use your BB Cream and concealer then aplied this CC Cream. 
                         and if you put it a little much.. you have to make sure blend it well and wait for a little more                               
                         minute to its adjust with your skin tone.

Will I Purchase this again? YES.

Rate : 5/5. 




  1. thanks for this post, i want to buy it but i wasnt sure. i'll buy on ebay.

    1. Hi♥ ur welcome♥
      this cc cream works even better if you blend your bb cream together! A little tips from me ehehehe♥♥